Moving Beyond Bars

Moving Beyond Bars

Moving Beyond Bars engages people impacted by incarceration to express their often untold stories through movement and words. In movement/writing workshops, individuals explore creative expression for the memories, life experiences and dreams that contribute to a positive identity. The process includes: 

1.Short writing exercises guided by facilitators

2. Sharing of these writings with the group 

3. Exploration of gestures and movements to represent these written stories

4. The creation of a collective movement story with the support of the facilitator 

This unique program sheds light on the humanity of justice-involved individuals, providing the opportunity for personal healing and connection with others. Presenting facilities have praised the impact of this program on the overall well-being of the participants as well as the staff and surrounding community.  

“This workshop helped me channel and process my emotions through movement.”

-Moving Beyond Bars Participant 

Moving Beyond Bars has been offered in juvenile detention centers, adult correctional facilities, and re-entry programs including…

  • Miami-Dade Department of Juvenile Justice – Miami, FL 
  • Minnesota Juvenile Correctional Facility – Red Wing, MN 
  • Napa State Hospital – Napa, CA  
  • The South Dakota State Penitentiary – Sioux Falls, SD

These programs have been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Minnesota State Arts Board and individual patrons. Moving Beyond Bars is available to all justice-impacted organizations. 

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