We, the Others

Written, directed, and choreographed by Artistic Co-Directors, Suzanne Costello and Stuart Pimsler in 2012, We, the Others focuses on the transformative nature of “otherness” and asks, “Can separation and opposition become a connecting place for finding beauty in difference?” We, the Others employs SPDT’s signature wit and intellectual lens as it uncovers a world predicated on “roles” and identity. Music by Ppongjjack Band, Nico Muhly, su:m, Brian Evans, and Zach Mishkin. Music Editing by Chris Cunningham.

What could be a litany of the injustices underlying how people treat one another is actually far more poetic and watercolor-like in its approach. The work wends its way through stories about race, gender and privilege dynamics inspired by conversations among the eight company members.

-Caroline Palmer, Star Tribune