SPDT’s original scenic designer and visual coordinator Ronald Aiji Kajiwara suggested the initial idea for this work. Aiji brought a photograph to our studio of a young, Lebanese soldier who lay wounded in a hospital bed. Most of the photo was black and white but behind the young man was a window stuffed with pastel colored sandbags. The beauty and the horror of this image struck Aiji. This was the inspiration for Sentry (premiere 1984).

At the time this work was created, Ronald Reagan was in office. The U.S. was not at war, although Reagan warned of the potential global dangers of renegade countries acquiring nuclear arms. Sentry comments on the futility of war and conflict, a recurrent theme for SPDT since the company’s inception.

a remarkable piece of work and one of the most powerful anti-war works to be seen in a long time.
-New York Times

Sentry from Stuart Pimsler on Vimeo.